Artist duo, partners, adventure seekers & best friends, Craig & Britt are the creative forces behind Living Large Small. Embracing a minimalist lifestyle, we prioritize a sense of purpose & intention in everything we do. 

What does that look like?
Living in tiny spaces with less Stuff to do more of the things that bring us joy: exploring nature & creating art - which we hope in turn, will bring you joy. This results in thoughtfully designed, handcrafted adornments for the home, kitchen and body. Much of our work is a collaborative effort, however some pieces are solo creations.

We are endlessly inspired by the years we spent living on the road with our Adventure Duo Kael Pup & Joone Cat, devouring as much raw nature as we could. We thrive off of exploration in all aspects of life, but in the studio it’s the driving force behind our art. We strive to create one of a kind pieces that can accompany you through life & join in on any adventure.

Because we believe that the Things we have & use everyday shouldn't simply be Stuff or tools - they should brighten your day & enhance your daily routine. We value the handmade & think that the joy felt by the maker during its creation is contagious & shared with or transferred to the user.

So if you're looking for a little something for yourself or a loved one, consider gifting something Less manufactured & More meaningful. Put Less in the landfill & More in your hearts. <3

Craig is a self taught craftsman of many trades & is the primary maker at Living Large Small. He makes all of the fused glass bowls & throws all of our ceramic forms. Craig enjoys learning to throw new forms & does production work for other local potters. He has also taken most of the photography you see on our website.

Britt has always been a maker, which lead her to design school, but she’s never considered herself an Artist. Her trajectory into sustainable design came to a halt in 2013, when she suddenly fell ill & became disabled. With Craig’s help & encouragement over the past few years, Britt has been making progress to get back to the things she enjoys.

Currently, Britt has a voluntary role at Living Large Small, which allows her to be creative when she feels able and provides the flexibility needed when she doesn’t. She continues to rediscover her love of art and design, more importantly the joy it brings her, and is hopeful that she will one day be able to do it full time. 

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