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Let the mesmerizing patterns of our Textured Vases dazzle your favorite spaces & tickle your tactile fancy. Fully functional flower vase and a stand alone piece of art. Made with a beautiful red clay on San Juan Island, WA

7.5"(H) X 6.25"(W)

This piece is from Craigs current body of work:
TEXTURE + FLOW is an exploration of pattern, repetition & the meditative experience of making. Each piece is first wheel thrown before adding texture by hand-pressing one indent at time. I enjoy using small, seemingly unsubstantial markets to create a larger textured design. The repetitive nature of the creation process invokes a flow state in which I get lost in the individual details, yet once completed, an intricate pattern emerges.
- Craig Britton

Please note:
Shipping larger pieces can be tricky - visit our FAQs page or Shipping Policy for more info. 

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